How We Began

I think a little backstory is necessary to tell you all of our “roots” and how we began.

Post-existential career dilemmas, I was heavily interested in the concept of “living off the land”. Cultivation, growing your own food, self-sustainable living… These were the constant musings on my mind.

So as part of this journey, I came across BASIL, a small center promoting biodynamic farming practices that conducts classes and workshops on agriculture and sustainability with a general motif of healthy living. This is where Arun and I got out first hands-on experience with the biodynamic way.

This opened us up into an entirely new perspective – well, technically the older perspective – of considering the farm as a living entity. The various active energies, microbes, plants and organisms within it are all given due respect and prominence, as the method works on symbiosis.

We had the best of teachers and the best of the people around us:

Dr. Sarvadaman Patel - Present President of OFAI. A farmer for 3 decades who has seen the rise and the decline of chemical farming and the shift back to Natural Biodynamic Farming. His farm has been an epicenter of sorts for the Biodynamic movement in India.
David Hogg - A Kiwi biodynamic practitioner who shifted base to India for the love of his vocation.
Regina Das - The wonderful lady running the show at BASIL. Bridging science and farming, she conducts experiments to unearth the wisdom of cultivation.
Ravi Kaushik - A software professional who changed his tracks midway (not an uncommon story, is it?) to be involved in organic farming.

These impressive personalities and the wisdom they’ve passed on to their fellow students are key to our inception. Arun and I decided to bring this boundless concept into the bounds of our urban homes and we’re building it up from there on. The beginning of SFF will surely not be complete without a hearty “Thank you” to these people!

Here’s to a future of urban-homesteads in Namma Bengaluru!


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