Who we are:

The urban condition today is defined by walled, gated and boxed abodes where every SquareFoot is defined by inflated monetary values. How valuable is it, if every SquareFoot in your house is going to remain just a tile or a wall?

SquareFoot Farmers began with the thought of filling up our urban squares with fully functional, completely customizable and self-sustainable gardening solutions. In square boxes. With every inch of space being accounted for, our designs make use of the space available at your house instead of having to find a usable space. We make use of unique and customizable vertical layouts, trellises and boxes that can fill up any desired corner or wall with both the form and functionality you expect from your own garden. Simply put, we help to make your house a home.

Why we are Farmers and not just Gardeners:

The contemporary conversation about plants and crops is dominated by yield and price, which is determined by synthetic aides, genetic modulations, fertilizers and pesticides, storage and middle men. However, the concept of agriculture flourished historically without any of these, and gradually dwindled with our growing numbers and the replacement of sustenance grains by commercial gains. A simple question of “What we eat?” is now a composite of where it comes from and how many hands it passes.  There’s enough proof in our Union budgets and the Onion mafia.

At SquareFoot Farmers, we believe in possibility and aim to bring focused, intensive and sustainable farming for the family back into the realm of the doable. Our work is in reviving the art of farming and rescaling it to our urban homes. We hark back to the biodynamic principles that defined early cultivation to come up with a holistic, natural and organic solution. We give you the option of combining the edible yield of a vegetable farm and the aesthetics of a flowering garden, so all you have to do to get your greens is to step into your balcony, terrace or portico, where you can even stop and smell the roses.

Inspired by Mel Bartholemew’s efficient and intensive method of SquareFoot Gardening, we decided to bring the concept down to Bangalore. Using our own boards made out of repressed coir and pine, our sturdy and sustainable planter boxes ensure to bring out both the value and the vibrancy of green. Our trained personnel and periodic workshops assist you with self-sustainable methods of composting and a wide array of flowering and edible seeds that will help bring out the cultivator in you. Simply put, we help to make your garden a farm. And hopefully put the Garden back in the Garden City.

Mission Statement

SquareFoot Farmers is an enterprise driven by the passion to return, reclaim and redefine the goodness of cultivation at a minimal cost to earth.